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Challenges in Finding Childcare: Our Research Findings

  •  Our surveys indicate that 78% of Canadian parents use Google search to find childcare services.
  • 32% of parents spend between 2 and 4 weeks to find a childcare provider that meets their expectations, and 33% spend more than 4 weeks.
  • We interviewed many parents prior to starting Childcare.Center to learn about the challenges they faced when looking for childcare providers information. Here are some highlights:
        • I couldn’t find their location
        • They don’t list every centre
        • A lot of the childcare centres had bad ratings listed on the internet
        • Sometimes there is no information just a phone number
        • Often they did not list their prices until after you had a tour of the facility
        • Lack of listings online
        • I had to personally visit childcare centres to see the actual quality of the centres
        • Many of the childcare centres had very bad reviews so i was stress out finding my kids a child care centre
        • The location information is not accurate
        • Finding in-depth info about educational aspect’s
        • It’s hard to decide just looking at online as reviews are less and you can’t check their ratings and facilities details
        • Getting replies from the centres via email or phone when i wanted more details and the images on their website do not really match the reality when visiting the sites
        • Very little transparency with regards to programming and pricing.
        • Not enough information, not clear.
        • Not too much information about the hygiene practices of the centre.
        • The challenges that i faced is there are too many information of type of childcare, trying to find the right fit for the child and close to my work
        • Some information online are not accurate or not true
        • Not all information was displayed on websites

In conclusion, our research showed that Canadian parents face numerous challenges when searching for childcare providers online. With 78% of parents using Google search, many face difficulties finding accurate information such as location, in-depth educational information, and clear information on programming and pricing. The research highlights a need for a better and more transparent online system for finding childcare services.

Data from Stat Canada

Based on Statistics Canada’s website, these are the reasons why parents and guardians use main child care arrangements for their children between the ages of 0 and 5:

Reference: Statistics Canada

Parent and guardian main reasons for using child care arrangement
Geography: Canada, excluding the territories
Reference period: 2022
Reason % of children
Location 52.2%
Care provider is trustworthy, warm, nurturing 48.7%
Affordable cost 37%
Licensed or accredited child care 36%
Qualifications of the child care provider 35.1%
Hours of operation 35%
Program characteristics 28.5%
Only option available 28.5%
My other children go there or have gone there 20.1%
Other reasons 16%
Limited availability due to the COVID-19 pandemic 9.6%
Offers culturally-relevant or minority language programming 4.8%
Ability to meet child's special needs 3.8%

Our insights from Surveys and statistics Canada

  • According to a recent Stat Canada research, trustworthiness is the second most important factor for parents when choosing a childcare provider, after location.

  • On the other hand, our own research indicates that 78% of Canadian parents use Google search to find childcare services and 32% of parents spend between 2 and 4 weeks, while 33% spend more than 4 weeks to find a childcare provider that meets their expectations.

  • These findings highlight the real challenge for parents to access accurate and comprehensive information about daycare and childcare providers.

  • Most parents rely on Google and social media to research daycares, but struggle to find important information such as programs, learning frameworks, location, and contact details.

  • This information gap is further compounded by a lack of transparency with regards to programming and pricing, not enough information about hygiene practices, and inaccurate information available online.

  • In light of these challenges, we developed a platform at Childcare.Center, where childcare providers can share detailed information about their programs, services, and photos with parents. Our goal is to create a trusted environment where parents can make informed decisions about the right childcare provider for their needs, based on accurate and comprehensive information.


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